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Solar Powered DC Smart Homes

IcOnT Automations  provides solutions for  the Electricity problems. Save up to  60% of your monthly Electricity bill by adopting our Unique designed solar power supply network. We adopt latest IoT technology for energy utilization and generation with remote monitoring.


  • No Inverter required, Can run with low voltage IcOnT products

  • Suitable for New and Old buildings

  • Subsidy From Government

  • Free from Electrical Hazards

  • Free from power-cuts

  • Main Advantage  more power conservation than commercial Inverter technology

We also support the system with Smart Home Controllers where you can remotely control the appliances using your mobile phone.

Dish Antenna

Smart Home

Since its founding, IcOnT Automations provides solutions for Home Automation.
We provide solutions for customer requirements. We support the customized product for smart homes


Agriculture Farm Automation

Since Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy, IcOnT Automations plays a unique role in automating the Agri-farms.

We analyze the difficulties faced by the farmers and provide solutions with our latest technologies.